Peacock Stirrup Usage & Safety Tips in Adaptive Riding Lessons

Move the stirrup leather so that it is in front of the knee roll.

Why? Clothing and belts can get hung up on the hook or nob of the peacock stirrup. Having the stirrup in this location during the dismount will help prevent the student from getting caught on the stirrup and possibly hanging off the side of the saddle!

Bonus: If suitable to your student, teach them how and why to do this so they can become more independent! Break it down into the three easy steps below.

Watch out for these two “grab” points on a Peacock Stirrup

If you teach adaptive riding lessons you have a unique factor that can cause potential safety issues when using peacock stirrups….your volunteers!

If you use peacock stirrups in your lesson as your safety stirrup of choice, be aware of the nub and hook that can get hung up on volunteers, arena equipment, fencing, etc.

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Saebra Pipoly
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2 thoughts on “Peacock Stirrup Usage & Safety Tips in Adaptive Riding Lessons”

  1. Years ago I saw an instructor not move the peacock stirrup out of the way as a student dismounted. The instructor allowed her to slide down. Not only did her clothes get caught on the hook on the stirrup but her vagina also got caught and she was torn open which required many stitches to repair. Always move them out of the way.

    1. Thank you for sharing! This is definitely a risk when using this type of stirrup and appropriate cautions are not taken.
      Move those stirrups! 🙂

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