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Instructor Coaching, Development, & Education

"Remote" Instructor Coaching & Development

What is it? How does it work?

Remote instructor coaching, development, and education services offered by Saebra of Hoof Falls & Footfalls:

  • CTRI certification video pre-submission preparation & coaching
  • Adaptive/Therapeutic riding instructor certification mentoring/coaching  (PATH Intl., CHA-IRD, etc.)
  • Group or private study sessions to prepare for AR/TR certifications
  • 1:1 Equine Assisted Services industry customized coaching and consulting services
  • 1:1 intensive adaptive/therapeutic riding instructor coaching & development 
  • Coaching & readiness assessments for PATH Intl. Advanced or CHA-IRD Master Instructor certifications
  • Group instructor development and education sessions (great for continuing education and team building!)
  • Program or barn coaching and consulting relating to polices, procedures, equine welfare, instructor training, etc.

STEP 1 Arrange a meeting time with Saebra. Zoom is where the  one-on-one, custom video call  will take place. Depending on the focus of the meeting, Zoom allows for real-time review of recorded lessons, analysis of documents, and engaging discussions.  

Once a meeting time is set, you will get detailed instructions and tips on what “homework” you will need to complete before the meeting.


STEP 2 Gather items needed for the meeting. This could mean you record a video you teaching, write down a list of questions you have, complete a CTRI study guide activity, etc. You will be given pre-meeting “homework” to complete to set you up for success and make the most of your meeting time.

STEP 3 Meet and receive detailed feedback that summarizes the information covered in the meting(s). Saebra will give you customized “challenges” to help you focus your efforts on key areas to help you keep momentoum going after the meeting. 

Meetings can be recorded upon request for you to review again.

Have a quick question that comes to mind after our meetings? No worries! Saebra is just a call, text, or email away…it’s part of coaching services.



15% off for Intuitive Instructor Club members

Email with detailed instructions for recording and preparing for our Zoom coaching meeting

1 "Face-to-Face" Lesson Review over Zoom (plan 1+ hour for meeting).
Lesson submitted is a max of 30 min. in length

Detailed "Challenges" to summarize our Zoom meeting and give you targeted things to focus on moving forward

Text/email support post coaching session

Certificate documenting coaching from a PATH Intl. Mentor available upon request​
Coaching may meet continuing education needs for certified professionals

Email to schedule your coaching session today!!!

Video coaching & development can be a great way to earn CEUs as a certified professional!

In-Person Intensive Instructor Coaching & Clinics


For those local or willing to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, we offer in-person intensive instructor development. 

Get real-time feedback while you practice mounting, dismounting, equine management, and more!

Contact us via email for pricing information.

Limited spots available and Saebra does NOT offer this during the months of May-August due to the Arizona summer heat. In-person supervised teaching hours are currently NOT available at the HF&F barn but instructors are welcome to visit and shadow!




We are willing to travel to YOU! 

In-person coaching, development, and custom clinics are available!

Contact us via email for pricing information.



Saebra has a great eye for understanding someone’s strengths and weaknesses and does a fantastic job of helping work through those weakness so they become strengths. For example, when I began my mentorship I struggled with giving students consistent and thoughtful praise and didn’t understand progression throughout a lesson. Saebra spent a lot of time with me to help me understand progression. She helped me focus on not only big moments of progression, but also small moments that can happen throughout a lesson. Additionally, Saebra helped me see appropriate moments for thoughtful praise to better engage and motivate my students.
Jill B.
I was fortunate enough to have Saebra as my mentor for the PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification. She wasn't an easy mentor, however, I feel she prepared me FULLY for the certification process. When she provided needed constructive criticism, she gave examples, and reasons for her points and explained everything. She was very patient and always willing to answer questions or help me through brain blocks. ​
Rachelle M.
I absolutely loved working with Saebra even if it was remote.Sabra played a huge part in helping me and my students progress together. I loved the insights and experience she brought to the table to help me build up my own tool box. She was so understanding and flexible with everything that was recorded. She prepared me so much for the testing process, reducing a lot of my fears and I passed everything right off the bat. Beyond that she has prepared me for continued growth with my students and my center. Thanks so much Saebra!!
Talisha C.
I found Saebra and Hoof Falls & Foot Falls through a PATH Center Certified Instructor and have been grateful ever since. From the moment of our first correspondence through the certification process she maintained the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge which became fundamental to me in reaching my goal of becoming a Certified PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor.
Tom G.