Equipping and empowering instructor to change lives through safe, high-quality adaptive equine activities.

Hoof Falls & Footfalls was founded to provide high quality, thought provoking content for Instructors that teach adaptive equine activities to students with physical, cognitive, and emotional diagnoses. We strive to provide educational resources that are free or low cost to make them ACCESSIBLE and  AFFORDABLE to fellow instructors.
The content seeks to challenge the status quo and encourage instructors, students, centers, and the Equine Assisted Activities field as a whole to raise the bar when it comes to teaching our students and working with out equine coworkers.
As Instructors, barns, and centers, we will impact lives of our students thought SAFE, QUALITY equine activities.

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Launching April 2019

Join The Intuitive Instructor Club to gain access to a growing database of continuing education videos, documents, etc. Network with your instructor peers from across the globe!

Whether you are working towards a certification or just wanting to refine your skills as an instructor, one-on-one remote mentoring is the way to go! We provide professional, affordable mentoring services to instructors of all experience levels.

Written by an instructor...for instructors!

Blog posts ranging from teaching techniques, equine management, Simple Arena Setups, EAAT industry hot topics, program development, and much more!

Watch replays of the LIVE Instructor Chats that cover hot topics that impact adaptive riding and horsemanship instructors. This is a free educational resource!

My 'top picks' for resources regarding equines, disabilities, arena toys/props, tack and equipment, and industry best practices.

Keep your lessons engaging and fun by pairing riding skill with activities that include colors, numbers, counting, matching, and much more!