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What do we do? In a nutshell- provide adaptive riding instructor mentoring and development programs, online education, in person instructor development clinics, and consulting to programs offering adaptive equine activities.

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Topics range from hot topics in the EAAT industry, equine management,  teaching teaching ad techniques, safety tips, instructor training, program development, and much more!  

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Teaching Tips & Barn Hacks

 Short tidbits that cover teaching tips and techniques, budget friendly DIYs, and other helpful barn hacks to make your life easier! 

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Resources & Links

 Some of my favorite resources for equines, disabilities, and industry best practices.   

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Games to Enhance Your Lessons

Keep your lessons engaging and fun while incorporating riding skills, numbers, colors, counting, motor skills, and much more!

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Lesson Plans, Patterns, Arena Setups, and Skill Progression

Need ideas for simple arena setups that can be used for all levels of riders and help to reinforce countless riding skills? Look no further!

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