Below are commonly asked questions regarding The Intuitive Instructor Club membership and content.

Can I use the videos and presentations as Continuing Education (CEU) hours for my certifications or cridentails?

Through much research, the content offered in The Intuitive Instructor club has been specifically formatted in a way to try and meet CEU requirements for as many certifying and credentialing organizations as possible.

At this time we will not be getting these 'formally' approved by any one organization. Doing so is a very lengthy and time consuming process which is not realistic with how much content we deliver on a monthly basis! However, for most organizations you do not need CEU hours to be 'formally' approved....those hours just need to meet their requirements.

'Formal' approval mostly impacts what words we use when we market The Intuitive Instructor and that we cannot directly say that "our material will meet the needs of X Certified Instructors".

It is the member's (your) responsibility to research the CEU requirements for your current certifications and/or credentials.

Quick Links to common certifying and credentialing organization CEU guidelines:

Don't see your certifying/credentialing organization? Please contact the organization directly to inquire about their CEU requirements.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel your membership before your next billing date. Log In to your account and go to the Membership Control Panel at the very bottom of the page. Select the "Membership Cancel" option.

You will loose access to the membership only materials after the last day of your paid membership.

Please note, that if you purchased a membership at a special rate, cancel, then wish to renew we cannot guarantee the  membership rate will be the same as when you originally joined.

Can I share the content at a meeting, staff training, or with a fellow instructor?

Your membership is meant for your eyes only. Help us help you and the other members by honoring this.

We want to keep membership prices low for everyone!

We are able to set the membership rates at a reasonable price by using the 'individual' membership model.

Use of any material from The Intuitive Instructor without written permission is strictly prohibited. This includes self recording videos/presentations, sharing your  membership login, showing materials to others, etc.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! If you have any questions about The Intuitive Instructor Club, please email