Easter Egg Letter & Spelling Game

Who else has WAAAAYYY too many Easter eggs hanging around?

Here is an idea of how you can put all your Easter eggs to good use! 

This game was inspired by the post from Raising Dragons Spin and Spell Game!

The eggs I had left over were on the smaller side so I adapted their original game to focus on upper and lower case letters since I could not fit words.

I plan on buying some larger eggs next Easter season so I can make the Spin and Spell game (see their post for instructions) …but horse themed!


  • Easter Eggs 
    • If you plan on doing letters only you could go with a smaller egg, if you want to fit words then go with a larger size
  • Permanent Markers

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"Alphabet" Version of the Game

  • Easy: Have the same uppercase and lowercase letters on the same barrel. Ask the rider to identify them and connect the egg parts
  • Harder: Have the rider select an uppercase letter egg from a bucket and go find the matching lowercase on another barrel.
  • Variations: You could also ask the rider to name a horse breed, horse body part, riding skill, or tack part that starts with the same letter

Riding skills to reinforce and incorporate in this game:

Remember that as adaptive riding instructors, everything we do should tie back to riding or horsemanship! Even though this game is a great way to reinforce letters, fine motor skills, finger dexterity, etc. it can also help to reinforce:

  • Picking up/setting down the reins (aka: rein management)
  • Walk-halt-walk transitions
  • Precision halts
  • Reining with one hand

Are there any other riding or horsemanship skills you could reinforce and practice with this game?  Leave a comment below!

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