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January 2020- Instructor Chat: A Policy Change that Saved over $6k

Dec. 2019- Instructor Chat: Bareback Pads-Thinking Points Before Use

November 2019- Instructor Chat: Does it have to be a messy breakup?

2 Minute Instructor Learning- Nov. 2019

September 2019- Instructor Chat: Arena Essentials Tote Box

September 2019- Instructor Chat: Weight Limits & Weigh-ins

August 2019- Instructor Chat: Setting Up Our Equines for Success

August 2019- Let's Chat About the "Oops Photo"

July 2019- Instructor Chat: Working with Students who are Non-Verbal or have Limited Communication

July 2019- Arena Games Haul from the Dollar Store & Ideas on how to use them in a Lesson!

July 2019- Instructor Chat: Growing as an Instructor

July 2019- Instructor Chat: Usage and Safety Considerations of Peacock Stirrups in Adaptive Riding Classes

June 2019- Instructor Chat: CTRI Transition Process

June 2019- Do YOU Have Creepy Fingers?!?!

June 2019- Come Take a Tour of The Intuitive Instructor Club!

June 2019- "Push Bar": How to make and use one!

March 2019- Instructor Chat: Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification

Feb. 2019- Instructor Chat: Tips for a Successful Certification

Jan. 2019- Instructor Chat: Skill Progression

DEC. 2018- Instructor Chat: What Makes Horses "BAD" in Lessons?

NOV. 2018- Instructor Chat: Facilitating Independence in EVERY Ability Rider

Oct. 2018- Instructor Chat: Whats, Hows, Whys in the Arena