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Some of our FREE content includes:

  • Instructor Blog on industry hot topics, instructor development, teaching theory, and more!
  • Instructor Chats that are live-stream videos giving quality tips and information on various topics that apply to adaptive riding instructors.
  • Resources and Links page that includes some of our top recommendations for books, arena games, disability information, equine management, and external resources.
  • Newsletter that gives you a quick summary of the top information HF&FF has recently shared.

Professional Services that are Affordable and Accessible

We offer a wide variety of services that have been geared specifically for the busy adaptive riding instructor and centers:

  • The Intuitive Instructor Club is an online educational membership platform that has hours of videos and presentations on all things relating to Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies
  • 1:1 Instructor Development & Coaching that challenges you to grow and refine your teaching methods, student interactions, and equine management to provide topnotch lessons to your students of every ability.
  • Mentoring & Supervised Teaching Hours for those individuals working towards therapeutic riding instructor certifications. We have a tried and true method that has been honed over the past decade that sets you up for success and less stress during the certification process. 
  • Clinics offered at your barn our ours covering teaching methodology of students with disabilities, formal instruction techniques, skill progression, equine management, arena safety, and much more.

Online, on-demand education at your fingertips!

Together as instructors, barns, and centers we will impact the lives of our students

through SAFE, QUALITY, and PROFESSIONAL adaptive equine activities.

Hoof Falls & Footfalls was founded to provide high quality, thought provoking content for Instructors that teach adaptive equine activities to students with physical, cognitive, and emotional diagnoses.