Tips for a Successful Certification

Presented by Saebra Pipoly- PATH Intl. Advanced TRI, Registered Workshop & Certification Faculty/Evaluator

Are YOU testing for the PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification soon? Are you a MENTOR to someone going through this process and want to set them up for success? Then this Instructor Chat is for you!!!!

I will be giving you some of my tried and true top tips to prepare yourself (or your mentee) for certification and set yourself up for success.

These tips come from years of experience with the OLD (not the new CTRI process for the credential) Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification process and experiencing it from multiple aspects:

  • As a registered level candidate
  • As host site representative and seeing hundreds of people go through the process.
  • As a mentor and guiding over two dozen instructors through the certification process.
  • As an Evaluator for the Registered process.

If you missed the capital letters up there that were a hint… we will be talking about the current PATH Intl. Registered Level certification process. I will not be broaching the topic of the new CTRI process….if you have questions about that ask the PATH Office.

This video is available on the Hoof Falls & Footfalls YouTube channel and is not exclusive to IIC members. If you would like to share the video below with others that are going through the Registered TRI Certification process, please use the link listed in the caption below.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/oA9QfwSohfk

Original recording date: February 2019 This video does not necessarily reflect the views of the PATH Intl. main office. I was not paid, endorsed, or asked by the organization to produce this video. This video was done independently on my own time as a way to share information with those looking to pursue certification