Part 1- Where are you as an Instructor? Where do you want to go?

Welcome to Part 1 of this course!

The next 5 vidieos in Part 1 will lay the foundation for the rest of this course and help you understand where you are at right now as an instructor and where you want to go in the future as an instructor.

Part 1 Materials

Workbook #1 is a fillable PDF document that you can work on digitally or print off and fill out by hand.

TIP: If you want to use the electronic fillable option, download and save it to your computer BEFORE you start typing in it!

Below is a link to the PATH Intl. Advanced Riding Instructor Application Booklet .

TIP: Print off this document so you can easily navigate through the pages and take notes during the videos.

Ready to get started?

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Each video builds on the prior one so it is very important that you view the videos in order.

Trust the process…. 🙂