Finger Placement- Why it Matters

 Did you know finger placement on reins matters?

The Problem: Have you ever noticed your student's reins getting longer....then they shorten them...then they are long again?

The Solution:Teach your student to put their thumb in line with the rein to help lock it in place so it does not slide through the hand as easily. Be sure to give not only the 'how' but also the 'why' they need to do this so it sticks in their brain better.

Set your students up for success! This trick is key for both traditional and able bodied riding.....especially little hands, arthritic hands, etc. that may not have as much strength.

DIY Rainbow Reins

Do you need a pair of rainbow reins NOW? Grab a set of reins that have hand stops (the 'bumps'), clean them off with water, then paint the bumps with NAIL POLISH! Let them thoroughly dry before using....and presto....rainbow reins!

Rein Placement Matters

 If reins are on the halter, try to attach them to the corner of the metal square instead of the bottom.

Why? Attaching to the corner helps the halter to lay flat when pressure is applied to the reins. Attaching to the bottom can cause the halter to fip out and dig into the horse's cheek. 

Video on why rein placement matters

Mark that Spot!

A couple wraps of duct tape around your lead rope could fix several common problems!

 Train everyone to 'check the tape' when it is called out as a quick and non threatening way to address a hand placement or to short/long of a lead rope when tied. 

The verbal and visual WHY behind why rein placement matters when connecting reins to your horse's halter.

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