Arena Resources


 Simple, short handout that covers the fundamental terms, arena figure, and 'map' of a dressage arena. 

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CHA Youtube Channel

Great resource of videos that cover safety tips, teaching tips, explanation of riding skills, etc. 

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Rider Biomechanics

Dressage Training TV is a wonderful resource for horse and rider biomechanics. Several free blog posts and videos on this interesting topic. 

There is a paid membership that is well worth the money to view the courses and extra videos.

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@MasterDressage   &   @DressageTrainingTV

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International Society of Rider Biomechanics

Another excellent resource with online 'library' of videos. I have had a membership with this resource and it was worth the money. Similar to Dressage Training TV but things are explained in a different way.

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Ride With Your Mind

The website for Mary Wanless, the founder of Ride With Your Mind and a key player in Dressage Training TV. Great resource of articles and a ton of other information.

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Lessons in TR

This website has tons of blog posts that relate to adaptive (therapeutic) riding as well as a link to their book "Lessons in TR"

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Resources for Teaching Tips & Techniques

Teaching to the Visual Learner

Article by Stable Management Magazine that covers ways you can cater to your VISUAL (see it) learner students. 

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Teaching to the Auditory Learner

Article by Stable Management Magazine that covers ways you can cater to your AUDITORY (hear it) learner students. 

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Teaching to the Kinesthetic Learner

 Wonderful article by Stable Management Magazine that covers ways you can cater to your KINESTHETIC (do it) learner students. 

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Qualities of a Good Instructor

Although this post is geared more towards physical fitness instructors in the military and civilian world, it is still a good read that simplifies the "3 F's" of being a good instructor.

What are the 3 F's?

Why Self-Improvement as an Instructor is Imperative

Again, not a 'horsey' themed read but each point mentioned applies to any instructor. This article gives tips on how to take your teaching to the next level and have a larger impact on your students. 

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Top 10 Qualities of Good Instructor

Compare the qualities listed in this article to the PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor you see any similarities? 

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Primitive Reflexes- what are they?

Riding/Horse Themed Book Recommendations

The New Anatomy of Rider Biomechanics

Written by Mary Wanless.

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The Basics

Written by K.A. von Ziegner

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Centered Riding

Written by Sally Swift

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United States Pony Club Manual

Written by Susan E. Harris

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USDF Guide to Dressage

Written by Jennifer Bryant

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Advanced Techniques of Riding

By the German National Equestrian Federation

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Beyond the Arena- Other Books to Consider

Extreme Ownership

 I finished reading Extreme Ownership in March 2018 (well....listening on audible any time I was in the truck).  This book combines numerous battlefield lessons learned and how they apply to leadership in everyday life. Although the examples given talk more about corporate level business, these concepts EASILY apply to the non-profit realm and greatly impact leadership when interacting with students, co-workers, volunteers, instructors in training, etc. Wonderful read!  

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How can YOU impact others and possibly be that stepping stone to make them an outlier? You are not just an have the potential to be a part of the community that supports the next 'outlier' that achieves greatness.

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This book is an invaluable resource that could help turn the tide of instructor burnout in the adaptive riding world!

The principles covered in this book not only apply to personal life but also to professional life and business management.

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