6 Patterns to use in Simple Setup #1

6 pattern ideas to reinforce riding skills such as reining, 2-point, looking ahead, rein management, transitions, and more!

One simple setup!

Need some colorful cones? CLICK HERE!

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Hotdog & Hamburger Poles!- Simple Setup #2

Remember learning how to fold paper either the the 'hotdog' (longways) or 'hamburger' (shortways) way when you were younger? Apply this fun skill to your next set of lessons while reinforcing riding skills, skill progression, and terminology.

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Five Patterns for Simple Setup #3

3 poles and 6 cones...that is all you need for this Simple Setup! 

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Diagonal Work (Lines & Posting) in Simple Setup #4

 This simple setup focuses on 'diagonals'...both diagonal lines and posting diagonals...while only using 6 cones. 

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