Tips & Tools for CTRI Certification

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This growing “course” will offer components to help mentors (those training new instructors) and instructors in training (those working towards certification) to better understand the PATH Intl. CTRI certification. Note that this is the “new” certification process offered by PATH Intl. and not the “old” TRI way that included the workshop and in-person certification.

The information in this section is meant to be educational in nature and is not meant to provide a final say or perfect “script” that would guarantee certification. Instructor mentors and instructors in training should always reference the PATH Intl. CTRI certification documents, policies, and procedures.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the PATH Intl. CTRI Certification

Understanding the CTRI Video: Sample teaching of the warm-up and pattern

Amy Sheets (PATH Intl. Master Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Lead Faculty/Evaluator for the PATH Intl. Registered OSWC) discusses the components that will be submitted by candidates in the video portion of the CTRI application.

The components and instructions for the warm-up and teaching of the pattern is reviewed. Amy then teaches a sample warm-up and pattern which she later discusses what can be learned from that example to improve a future video.

Tips for CTRI Riding Instruction Video

This video follows Part 1 and gives hints on how the candidate can provide all the required information needed in the video as well as suggestions on how to demonstrate more knowledge. Amy compares and contrasts two teaching videos with the same horse/rider combination and gives suggestions on how to set the candidate up for success.

Sample Teaching Video from CTRI Candidate

The video below was offered to the IIC for learning purposes by an instructor in-training going through the CTRI Certification Process. This individual did not hold any PATH Intl. Certifications at the time of recording. Although the candidate did a wonderful job putting together all the teaching pieces she needed to demonstrate during the warm-up and pattern, there was one important thing missing during the video and she was advised to retake the video. Can you spot what was missing?

Live Review & Discussion of CTRI Sample Teaching Video from PATH Intl. Office

The replay from a live review and discussion of a CTRI sample teaching video released by the PATH Intl. Office. Please note that this review and discussion are for learning purposes only and were done independently by Saebra and may not reflect the views of the PATH Intl. office.

Clarification of Automatic Fails

This video is primarily geared towards the “automatic fails” (does not meet criteria) that may appear during the Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification teaching test. However, this information is also applicable to the CTRI and Advanced TRI certification process as they reflect PATH Intl. Standards.

Comparing the PATH Intl. Instructor Education Guide & CTRI Study Guide Books

This video is a quick book review that compares and contrasts the PATH Intl. Instructor Education Guide and the PATH Intl. CTRI Study Guide. Both are excellent books and great resources. However, it’s recognized that some instructors in-training and mentors/supervising instructors may have budget limitations that prevent them from purchasing both. If you can’t get both…which one might be the best fit for you and why? Watch this video!