The Physics of Matching Rider and Horse

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Presented by Advanced Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor Jenny Nell Hartung

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2 Hours of Learning

Completing all parts of this presentation will result in achieving 2 hours of education focused on instruction techniques, disability education, horse conformation, and theory behind choosing mounts for students with and without disabilities.

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What Will You Learn?

Part 2- Horse Conformation

  • Understand the basics of evaluating the conformation and balance of an equine
  • Learn the different shapes made by the horse’s rib cage and back and their impact on the rider
  • Understand the difference of how balanced, downhill, and uphill built horses may impact the rider
  • Understand how riders with typical muscle tone may change their body in response to the balance of the horse

Part 3- Putting it all Together with Emphasis on Abnormal Muscle Tone

  • What is muscle tone?
  • Learn the difference between hypotonia, spacticity, hypertonia, and clonus
  • Learn what disabilities may present with abnormal muscle tone
  • Understand how abnormal muscle tone impacts your rider
  • Learn how the stretch reflex may impact mucle tone
  • Learn commonly accepted practices to increase muscle tone while riding
  • Learn commonly accepted practices to decrease muscle tone while riding

This presentation was offered at an International conference in 2015 and was a group project. Jenny would like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions to the original compilation and presentation of this topic:

  • Original Course & Content Design: Jenny Nell Hartung, Sandy Webster
  • Original Team Leaders: Teresa Morris, Marsha Anderson, Octavia Brown, Marci Bender