Teaching the Natural Aids

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Join Instructor Amy Sheets as she dives in to the whats, hows, and whys of teaching the natural aids in adaptive/therapeutic riding lessons.

Part 1- Opening (guiding) Rein vs. Direct Rein

What are the differences in use and mechanics between these two methods? When might you teach them? What are some positives and drawbacks of each? How might different bits and headstalls affect teaching each reining style?

This presentation also gives video examples of actual students practicing reining and information and discussion on practical application of the information provided.

Part 2- Leg Aids

This presentation discusses why instructors should be able to teach multiple types of leg aids and different factors that go into determining what type of leg aid to teach or use. In addition to discussion there is demonstration of different types of leg aids and example videos of various leg aids taught in a therapeutic riding lesson.

Part 3- Seat & Weight Aids

This presentation discusses the different types of seat and weight aids and considerations when determining what and when different types of seat/weight aids should be taught or used. In addition to discussion, there is demonstration of different types of seat and weight aids being taught during various adaptive/therapeutic riding lessons.

Additional resources and reading regarding the natural aid(s) discussed in each video can be found on each topic page.

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