“Naughty” Horses- What are they trying to tell us?

This is a recording of a presentation given by Jenny Hartung and Saebra Pipoly at the 2019 PATH Intl. Region 10 Conference.

Continuing Education Information: This presentation was granted “CR ALL” by the PATH Intl. Office. Part 1= 1.3 Hours


adjectivenaugh·​ty | \ ˈnȯ-tē  , ˈnä-\naughtiernaughtiest

Definition of naughty

1a: guilty of disobedience or misbehaviora naughty childbarchaicvicious in moral character WICKED

– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Have you ever had a horse be ‘naughty’ in a class? Have you seen bad behaviors like nipping, ear pinning or even kicking? Are your lesson horses just ‘not right’ or unsound?

You are not alone!

This two part presentation (lecture and arena) will delve into the common problems instructors and programs face on a daily basis and help participants troubleshoot what they are seeing to find the root cause of what they are seeing in their horses. Our horses are the backbone of our lessons and we can’t do what we do without them. So how do we keep our horses happy, healthy and working years to come?

A huge thank you to the host facility, Stable Strides, and to the attendees for allowing us to record this presentation so others can benefit from the information.