Intro to Therapeutic Driving

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Taught by Driving Level II and Advanced Therapeutic Driving Instructor Michelle Lafleur

A quick note from Michelle on this course:

Why Drive?!

Because we are not already crazy enough riding them…

Why Drive?! is an engaging presentation on Therapeutic Driving where Instructor Michelle LaFleur will be explaining the advantages of offering Driving in your program. Michelle also discusses essential information for understanding therapeutic driving such as who can drive, risk-benefit analysis, carts and carriages, and resources to learn more about driving.

Driving Instructors Wanted! Experience Needed for Certification Process

Therapeutic driving is becoming more popular through the EAAT industry.  The PATH Intl Driving Subcommittee is working hard to provide more information, educational opportunities and exposure to this important alternative to riding.  If you are seriously considering or even just wondering if it would be a possibility for you and/or your center, this is a good starting point. 

With driving, there are a lot more moving parts- literally and figuratively! Learn about the expectations of a therapeutic driving instructor and the experience required before an individual begins the journey to PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Driving Instructor.

Introduction to Therapeutic Driving

Quiz & Certificate Available!

This video was filmed as a guest lecture to a 300-level class at Colorado State University (CSU):  ANEQ 352 Techniques in Therapeutic Riding. Even though it is speaking to the CSU students, the information is still good for anyone, such as members of the IIC.

This video introduces the importance of seeking professional help when choosing a driving horse, discusses the benefits of driving that are similar to riding, who might benefit from driving, and why the incorporation of a driving program into your center could open up opportunities to clients who are unable to participate otherwise. 

Desensitizing for Driving- Learning to Read the Horse

showing a horse a tarp

This video shows a groundwork lesson with a student who is unable to ride due to a current contraindication for mounted work. The activities in this lesson focus on preparing a horse for driving but they are also exercised you can do with ANY horse to better prepare them for groundwork and riding by making them more safe and less reactive to things in their environment.

Ground Driving 101- Fundamentals and Benefits

Michelle introduces you to the fundamentals of the equipment and methods used for ground driving which applies to horses both new and experienced in this skill. She also discusses how ground driving can benefit your horses, students, and volunteers. This is a recording of the live presentation given at the 2021 Southwest Educational Event.

Hosting a Therapeutic Driving Workshop/Certification

Michelle gives you the rundown on how to successfully plan for and hosting a Full Therapeutic Driving Workshop and Certification or a Demo Only event.