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Presented by Saebra Pipoly

Continuing Education Information: This presentation was granted “CR ALL” by the PATH Intl. Office. Part 1= 1 Hour, Part 2- 45 Min.

Certificate of Completion available! Watch Part 1 and Part 2 AND complete the short review quizzes to receive a Certificate of Completion showing 1 hour and 45 minutes of learning that focused on instruction techniques, disability education, and horse and rider bio-mechanics. Please note that you will not be able to mark a video as ‘complete’ until you have completed the full time of the video there is a back end course timer)Your Certificate of Completion will be available on this page!

About this presentation:

Instructing is not an easy job. We have to give 100% Every. Single. Class…and often several classes in a row!

Are you giving 100% or do you think some things don’t matter because your students will never do more than a walk, or a trot with support, or never ride independently?

What we teach and how we say and show it matters more than you may realize.

Students can be set up for success or set up for frustration, and it starts with YOU the instructor!

Part 1- HOW We Teach and Cue Matters!

Take a deeper look at teaching techniques such as external cuing, timing of cues and task analysis in Part 1 of this presentation. Are “great instructors” a result of an art, science, or both? PowerPoint Handout link included!

Review Quiz Available

Part 2- WHAT We Teach and Cue Matters!

Learn practical ways you can apply the techniques learned in Part 1 by taking a head to toe look at riders on horses. Walk away with tools you can apply in every lesson, with every ability rider that will give you immediate and noticeable changes in your students, horses, volunteers and you! Link to Handout Document Included.

Review Quiz Available

A huge thank you to the host facility, Stable Strides, and to the attendees for allowing us to record this presentation so others can benefit from the information.

Not seeing your progress tracked or green checks next to a lesson? Did you watch the full video (without fast-forwarding)? Please note that you will not be able to mark a video or section as ‘complete’ until you have completed the full time of the video (there is a back end course timer)