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Incorporate a little FUN into your lessons while maintaining safety and continuing to build your the equestrian skills of your students!

Teaching Riding Skills Through Barrel Pattern

Taught by Master TRI Amy Sheets

This video shows the lesson plan for the lesson taught by Instructor Amy Sheets. During the lesson she uses the barrel pattern as a way to practice multiple riding skills and she adjusts support, volunteers, and explanations based on the differing skill levels of the students within the lesson. The video ends with discussion about instructors can provide opportunities for growth in 3 domains of learning.

Teaching Riding Skills Through Ground Pole Courses

Taught by Master TRI Amy Sheets

Amy teaches you about the “Wiggly” and “Zig Zag” ground pole courses! Each course is discussed, analyzed, and then demonstrated through videos with three different types of students- from supported and limited leg strength go a group with split skill levels.

Halloween Themed Lesson

Taught by Advanced TRI, ESMHL Saebra Pipoly

This lesson shows a fun but challenging Halloween themed game that can be a great way to help your students practice transitions, rein management, and reining. An engaging challenge to the viewer is also included!

Dice Roll & “Magic” Dice-Reinforcing Riding Skills Through the Use of Games

Taught by Master TRI Amy Sheets

Amy introduces you to the game Dice Roll or “Magic” Dice which is one of her personal favorites to include in a lesson! This game is easy to adapt to different skill levels, can be used at the walk, trot, or canter and can be used to reinforce skills like feeling the horses rhythm, counting strides, transitions, posting, 2 point, and more! Amy offers several sample videos showing riders with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities and various adaptations during the game. Discussion of motivating and engaging volunteers and horses during the lesson is also included.