Avoiding Equine Burnout

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Continuing Education Information: Completing all parts of this presentation will result in the member completing 1 hour of education that focuses on identifying the causes of equine “burnout”, understanding why addressing and preventing equine burnout is important, and learning solutions to prevent and possibly reverse burnout in our equine coworkers.

About this Webinar:

Let’s talk staff… equine staff. We all know the amount of work and time that goes into bringing on a new equine team member, so how can we keep them around long term? Let’s dive into topics regarding our equine team including equine selection, weight limits, workloads, case load demographics, handling, health maintenance, time off, physical conditioning, and other management practices that will help us keep our herd member around and engaged for the long haul!

Who Should Watch?

HETRA Sample volunteer training levels

This course is designed to educate staff, instructors, and equine managers to recognize signs of equine burnout and identify measures they can take to help prevent or even reverse burnout in their equine coworkers.


  • Reflect on your program and identify what areas of increased stress may be present for your equines
  • Consider management practices that are attainable for many EAAT centers to help prevent equine burnout

What will you Learn?

  • What “burnout” looks like
  • Why “burnout” is a problem
  • How you can avoid burnout
  • What makes a good therapy horse
  • Identifying your limitations
  • Identifying how what you do/who you serve impacts your horse needs
  • Training to prevent “burnout”
  • Weight limits for your horses
  • Impact of work loads on your equine
  • Volunteer training impacting equine burnout
  • Sample volunteer training levels
  • Health maintenance of equines
  • Simple conditioning tools and techniques
  • Time off and time out

Presented by Shelby Winnail, CTRI, ESMHL

Shelby Winnail serves as HETRA’s Equine Operations Manager. Shelby grew up riding and showing American Quarter Horses and in a barn where adaptive riding and equine therapy services were being offered every day. Upon graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, she took a full-time position at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA). She has since become a PATH Intl. CTRI, ESMHL, Mentor and is the current Nebraska State Representative. Shelby loves working hands on with participants and volunteers, but her passion lies with the horses. Shelby is driven by building and maintaining a therapy herd that is “healthy, happy, sane and sound”.

This webinar was produced by HETRA University

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