Analyzing Disabilities with an “Instructor’s Eye”- Vision Impairments

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Presented by Amy Sheets

Contributing Instructor for The Intuitive Instructor Club

PATH Intl. Master TRI, CTRI, RTRI Lead Faculty/Evaluator.

This presentation offers detailed discussion on a common diagnosis seen in Equine Assisted Services: Vision Impairments. This disability is looked at through the “lens” of an equine assisted activities instructor and addresses:

In this presentation:

  • About vision impairments and blindness
  • Courtesy rules of blindness
  • What might we see in the barn or arena?
  • Teaching considerations and techniques when teaching a student with a vision impairment
  • Precautions & Contraindications relating to vision impairments and blindness
  • Tack, equipment, and arena considerations
  • Horse considerations
  • Volunteer considerations
  • Sample Video- Olivia
    • Student describes how her vision impairment impacts her
    • Sample lesson w/ cooldown trail ride at end
  • Video 2- Sample living letters
  • Final thoughts and activities to build instructor awareness