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The Vision

Build a learning management system (LMS) with multiple activities for all skill levels that volunteers and participants could access for fun ways to stay involved. This LMS will then be shared with multiple centers in a collaboration project. The intent will be to provide this for the long term, not just as a short term solution.

The What

For those that help with the collaboration, and contribute content, will be provided with their own copy of the built LMS for use at their center. We will be using Moodle Cloud, a web based LMS that is free for up to 50 users at a time. A user guide on how to operate the LMS will also be provided. As new content is created, updates will be sent out to all contributors with directions on how to upload it into your LMS. To qualify for this, the content provided must be of good quality, meet PATH Intl. Standards, and not infringe upon copyright.

End Goal

The end goal is that we all end up with education content that is usable and accessible in a quick manner so that we can keep being the teachers that we are through the current situation in the world, as well has have a product that will be usable by our programs after we have gotten back to work. This will be a collaborative project, everyone who contributes will be cited within the LMS, and receive recognition from the McCormick Research Institute, and kept informed on the project status via email, or Facebook Messenger.

The How

A variety of content is needed so that we can meet the needs of a large audience. Length isn’t important, but I’m aiming to have each activity be at least 10 minutes long. Sample activities:
1. Videos-your favorite stretches (human or equine, a game to play at home that involves horses, reading a book to your horse, how-to videos, riding a dressage or reining test. The sky is the limit here
2. Trivia quizzes-all horse subjects, all audiences. Source your questions from a reliable sources please.
3. Written information-horse related journaling prompts, how-to information, etc.
4. External resources (be mindful of copyright) that we can direct our end users to. Ex: online coloring pages, open source videos, etc.
5. The extra creative-content for veterans, and specialty programs

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Jonas Gerber

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