The ULTIMATE Schooling Session for the CTRI Certification Process (2020 Version)

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Are you ready for a “schooling session” (yes…pun intended) on the PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification process? I want to help YOU feel more confident and prepared as you work towards the PATH Intl. CTRI certification! 

During this course you will: 

Understand the CTRI Application and Certification Process -> Make YOUR plan to certification  -> Learn the HOWs of  the application, video, and test -> Leave with  confidence to succeed!

I will give you tips, tools, and information that will help you better understand the process and thoroughly prepare for application and certification. I want to share things I’ve gathered over the past decade in the EAAT industry as a candidate, mentor, and evaluator!

No matter where you are in the process, this course will be give you invaluable information.

Maybe you are feeling ok about the process but have questions and want to double check things….

Maybe you are feeling lost and unsure where to begin….

Wherever you are and whatever you are feeling…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I get it….preparing for the PATH Intl. CTRI Certification can seem overwhelming, daunting, and possibly frustrating. You’ve stared at the documents so many times you’re afraid you’ve missed something and wish you had another set of eyes to review….I’ve been there too!

Course comes with a supplemental workbook filled with 27 pages of tips, tools, and exercises to help you not only better understand the application process but also develop and grow into a strong instructor!

You might be asking where the heck you should start, what you need to do, how to prepare for everything? I remember, years ago, looking at all the information and wondering a lot of the same things! Please understand I’m not knocking on the certification process or organization. Embarking on any new journey that has has novel information and a unique process can create these feelings and questions!

BUT….did you know the CTRI Certification process does not need to feel this way?

You can move through the preparation, application, and testing with less stress and confidence thanks to tools and information shared in this course!

Note: If you are currently working with a mentor/supervising instructor this the information in this course will pair very well with your supervised teaching hours and help enhance in-person learning!

In this Course:

Class #1 (1.5 hours of learning):

  • Welcome, Instructor Introduction, and Purpose of this Course
  • “Old” TRI vs. “New” CTRI process
  • The “Flow” of the CTRI Certification Process
  • CTRI Application & Proctored Exam Explanation
  • Review “Flow” of CTRI Process w/ Suggested Timeframes

Class #2 (1.5 hours of learning + 1.25 hours bonus videos):

  • Troubleshooting Common Problems During CTRI Application Process
  • Reviewing Video Instructions
  • Video Tips
  • Starting to Prepare & Study
  • Understanding the Criteria & “Homework” & Other Templates
  • Bonus Video: Proctored Exam: Continued Discussion and More Questions Answered
  • Bonus Video: Live Review & Discussion of CTRI Sample Teaching Video from PATH Intl. Office

Class #3 (1 hour of learning):

  • Review the Criteria Homework
  • How to read PATH Intl. Standards
  • How to read Precautions & Contraindications

Class #4 (1 hour of learning):

  • Top “problem areas” Instructors In-Training Struggle With & Quick Explanations/Tips
  • Building a budget & understanding cost
  • Instructor Growth & Development Activities
  • Question & Answer
  • Course Wrap-Up

Supporting Links and Videos

  • Quick-links to help you find a center or individual to help mentor/supervise
  • Master list of Facebook groups to help support you along your journey
  • Resources to help you prepare and study for the proctored exam (includes quick links to recommended books & articles)
  • Bonus Video: CTRI Study Guide Vs. Instructor Education Guide
  • Bonus Video- Recouping Certification Costs? Employment in the EAAT industry?

After You’re Certified (Maintaining Cert., CEUs, Online Maintenance Exam)

  • Tips, tools, and quick links to help you know what to do to maintain your certification.


This course is a MUST for anyone beginning the CTRI process (like me). The process is daunting. Period. But Saebra Pipoly provides a guided walk-through of this daunting process to help break it down into digestible portions. The knowledge offered in this course will afford confidence in working towards your CTRI certification one step at a time. If you feel disheartened or disillusioned with the mountain before you that is the CTRI Certification process, let Saebra Pipoly with Hoof Falls and Footfalls take your hand and show you that the mountain indeed can be scaled and you can become PATH CTRI-Certified. -Katherine C. Texas, USA

As an Equine Science major at a higher education PATH Intl facility currently taking a gap year due to COVID-19, this course was the perfect introduction to navigating the new CTRI process, as my initial plans of in-person learning were put on hold. Saebra Pipoly of Hoof Falls and Foot Falls is a knowledgeable, patient, and supportive teacher who wants to make this certification process as painless as possible. By offering a variety of class meeting days and times over a 2 week period, Saebra catered to multiple different time zones with this course in order to make it accessible for all. She also provided numerous links and educational study resources that are well worth the course fee. Thus, I would highly recommend this course to any instructor-in-training! –Diana B. Westwood, Massachusetts, USA

This course was incredibly informative for both those starting the CTRI certification process and for mentors who want to learn more about the process. Saebra gives so many great tips and resources! I highly recommend this course! – Cindy L, Indiana, USA

Meet Your Instructor

Saebra is the owner and founder of Hoof Falls & Footfalls, LLC where she specializes in teaching adaptive riding lessons as well as providing in-person, online, and remote clinics geared towards instructor education, coaching, and development. 

She is a lifelong equestrian and has been immersed in the EAAT industry since early 2008 where she has since received multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and CHA. She has a passion for building up and educating instructors through in-person and online educational opportunities.

Grow and empower quality instructors = growing the number of lives impacted through high-quality adaptive equine activities.

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Saebra Pipoly

Disclaimer: This course is developed and taught by Saebra Pipoly of Hoof Falls & Footfalls for educational purposes. Saebra is a certified professional holding multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and is offering this course from the view point of a candidate, instructor, mentor, and Registered Certification Evaluator. This course and the information provided are independent of PATH Intl. and may not reflect views and/or opinions of the office. Participants should always default to the information, polices, and procedures provided by the PATH Intl. website, office, and staff.