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Continuing Education Information: Completing all parts of this presentation will result in the member completing 1 hour of education that focuses on developing a deeper understanding how centers can make the most use of the current images they have available when marketing and promoting the EAATs they offer.

About this Webinar:

We’ve heard it before, time and time again, always strive to use your own images when marketing anything related to your facility. Even in the EAAT community, most people will be able to spot the difference between a stock horse photo and a picture of one of your facility’s equine partners. It is understandable, however, when you feel like you’ve used the same picture multiple times and it is becoming a bit stale. Still, what options do you have when your budget, time, and availability don’t allow for multiple photoshoots a year to give you fresh material? This webinar will provide examples for how to spice up your current stock of images, using them multiple times to their max potential until new photos are available.

What will you Learn?

  • A touch of flair can give new life to your photos
  • Your brand’s colors can make your pictures bloom
  • A little blur can make your eyes good wide with delight
  • Some animation can liven things up
  • You can accomplish these things through different free and/or paid software

Meet your presenter

Joshua Howell is an Air Force Veteran who currently serves as one of HETRA’s Development Specialists who works specifically with campaigns, communication, and marketing. He worked in the non-profit sector for years, and has honed his skills in marketing, communication, and graphic design in order to appeal to an audience like HETRA’s therapeutic community. Joshua had a background in marketing and writing, and spends much of his free time publishing and promoting his fiction novels and graphic novels.

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