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Mentors/supervising instructors are crucial to the development and sustainability of our industry and have an incredibly important job of bringing up and growing new and current instructors.

Although mentoring can be a very fun and rewarding experience it also comes with a lot of responsibility, the potential for stress and frustration, and often feels like recipe for success is hard to find.

That’s where this course comes into play:

What will this course do for YOU?

This course equips and empowers fellow instructors with the tools, techniques, polices, and procedures they need to develop or refine a mentoring process that creates less stress and more success for them and their mentees!

Course comes with a supplemental workbook filled with 14 pages of tips, tools, and exercises to help you develop and refine you and your mentoring process. In addition to the workbook you also get access to 12 complete templates ranging from sample mentee lesson feedback to mentee applications! (Image above is only only a portion of the documents you will receive)

This course has been custom designed to provide mentors (those training new or established instructors) with the tools, techniques, sample documents, and confidence they need to set not only their mentees but also themselves up for a positive and rewarding learning and development experience.

WHO Should Attend?: Mentors/Supervising Instructors (aka: those responsible for training and/or onboarding new instructors)

  • This course is suitable for both new and experienced mentors who are looking to learn how to grow, refine, and streamline their training process of other instructors. Whether you are looking to train an instructor to be a capable member of your team or complete a certification, this course is for you!

In this Course:

Class #1- Who are YOU as a Mentor? What can YOU offer? (1.3 hours of learning):

  • Welcome, Instructor Introduction, and Purpose of this Course
  • The Mentor Mindset
  • What is Mentoring?
  • What does a Mentoring Program look like
  • How long does Mentoring last?
  • Challenges of Mentoring
  • Defining what YOU can do as a mentor

Class #2- What are YOUR requirements for a Mentee? (1.5 hours of learning)

  • Defining YOUR requirements for mentees
  • Determining mentee expectations pre-training
  • Determining mentee expectations during training
  • Are you ok sharing your mentee with other mentors?
  • Importance of contracts/agreements

Class #3- What will YOUR screening and application process be? What baselines will YOU measure? (1.5 hours of learning):

  • Defining YOUR screening process
  • Determining how you will screen for each component
  • Sample screening documents
  • Lesson and riding evaluation rubrics
  • Sample evaluations of riding and teaching
  • Baseline evaluation of your mentees

Class #4- What will YOUR mentee training and progression look like? How will YOU continue to grow as a Mentor? (1.3 hours of learning):

  • Defining YOUR training progression
  • Sample activities to help your mentees grow and learn
  • Your roadmap to launching/relaunching your mentoring
  • Learning from successes
  • Learning from flops
  • Growing as a Mentor

BONUS Content!

You will also get access to all bonus Q&A videos that were recorded during the live offerings of this time.


I have been a mentor for many years. Saebra gave me new knowledge and resources to better myself and be a better mentor for future mentees.- Melissa Child. Idaho, USA

This course was incredibly informative for both those starting the CTRI certification process and for mentors who want to learn more about the process. Saebra gives so many great tips and resources! I highly recommend this course! – Cindy L, Indiana, USA

I found this course to be extremely informative in a step by step progression of valuable content ready to apply to my mentoring program. I truly appreciate the foundation you have presented from your own ten years of working directly in this field.- Debra D.

Before taking this course, I was a little lost with what the “best” way to mentor is. Am I not providing enough resources? Am I not providing enough time? Do I have the best road map laid out for these mentees? But during this course all of those questions were answered and then some! Saebra was able to really break it down and show us what can work (or have worked for her) and then what has not worked for her during her 10 years in the industry. I would recommend this course to anyone in the EAAT industry!- Ashley A. Wisconsin, USA

The Mentor Boot Camp provides valuable information and tools to use in developing and fine tuning your Mentor skills. I highly recommend this for anyone thinking about mentoring or any Mentor who wants to improve and refine their approach. Thank you, Saebra!- Jan G. Arizona, U.S.A.

Saebra/HF&FF hits it out of the park again! The consideration, preparation, professionalism, and depth of knowledge and guidance offered was to the high standard that she always provides fueled by her passion to build and strengthen the EAAT community. This is a great course for anyone thinking of becoming a mentor to someone who could benefit from a refresher and improvement on their skills from past training sessions. -Stephanie P., Texas, USA

This course has helped me create a good foundation for helping my center revamp its mentorship program. Saebra’s information was relevant and so helpful to make the process easier and less daunting. – Kayla A. Indiana, USA

Meet Your Instructor

Saebra is the owner and founder of Hoof Falls & Footfalls, LLC where she specializes in teaching adaptive riding lessons as well as providing in-person, online, and remote clinics geared towards instructor education, coaching, and development. 

She is a lifelong equestrian and has been immersed in the EAAT industry since early 2008 where she has since received multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and CHA. She has a passion for building up and educating instructors through in-person and online educational opportunities.

Grow and empower quality instructors = growing the number of lives impacted through high-quality adaptive equine activities.

Learn more about Saebra

Saebra Pipoly

Disclaimer: This course is developed and taught by Saebra Pipoly of Hoof Falls & Footfalls for educational purposes. Saebra is a certified professional holding multiple certifications and training through PATH Intl. and is offering this course from the view point of a candidate, instructor, mentor, and Registered Certification Evaluator. This course and the information provided are independent of PATH Intl. and may not reflect views and/or opinions of the office. Participants should always default to the information, polices, and procedures provided by the PATH Intl. website, office, and staff.