HOW We Teach Matters- How can you teach in a way that is beneficial for students of every ability?

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This version of the presentation was originally presented during Summer 2020 for the EAAT Virtual CEU Series organized by fellow Master Therapeutic Riding Instructor Marci Bender of The National Abilities Center in Utah. Check out the Facebook group for the series HERE.

CEU Information: This presentation has been designated as “CR ALL” by the PATH Intl. Office. For other equine professionals certified through other organizations, please align the content of this presentation with CEU guidelines.

Interested in getting your own copy of The Language of Coaching : The Art and Science of Teaching Movement that is referenced in this presentation? Click Here!

In this Presentation:

  • The difference between performance and learning
  • The different types of learning
  • The importance of understanding focus and it’s limits
  • Three different ways focus can be directed
  • The “3 D’s” of external focus cueing
  • Strategies to adjust our teaching to long-term learning friendly cues